It all started in the studio..

Nonsense Studios is a brand founded by two best friends and business partners Alexa Dagmar & Linda Juhola. Back in 2018 the duo started a podcast called Nonsense: a podcast with real talk about all things that has to do with living life, especially as a woman. Relationships, self-esteem, periods, sex, friendships. The highs and the lows. A lot of laughter but some tears as well.

After hanging out on Insta Stories in our basic tees, sweatshirts and leggings, people started asking about the clothes we were wearing. So one day in the studio when we were about to record a new episode to our Nonsense podcast, the idea hit us.. and then and there, the brand Nonsense Studios was born. 

We launched our first product, a grey sweater with a ‘No bullshit, only nonsense’ print back in fall 2019. After the successful launch we noticed demand for more, so we decided to do more. 

The idea behind the brand is to be fun and playful yet useful. We want to create everyday basics with a twist. A t-shirt or a sweater is something that anyone can wear no matter what your style is. On some of our products we have printed different playful texts that really showcases the dna of our brand.




All of our products are made in Portugal, in a factory located a bit outside the city of Porto. The factory has been in the clothing industry from the early 90’s and has many years of expertise within manufacturing especially t-shirts and sweaters from jersey and cotton materials. Among its’ clients are several known European fashion brands. The factory employees about 100 people, all of them working regular work week, Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm including breaks. 

We have visited the facilities many times to check the working conditions (the factory is WCA-certified) and to establish a good relationship with the team working there.